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Cebu Mary Immaculate College Inc (CMIC INC) is an English institution school where all students can enhance their English speaking skills. This school provides a high quality education starting from grade school up to college. CMIC is known to produce academically competitive student. However, not only it focuses on molding the student academically but it also offers a various extracurricular activities that would help develop the skills and talents of the students. As a Highschool student whose been studying on this school for quite a while, I can say that through all their activities it helped me to enhance my social skills. If you are like me, who seeks for experience but still have seek for standard education, then CMIC is your school.


Great work! The entire process was 100% seamless.

Jamal Drian, 09.21.2019

Super fair prices and exceptional work all around!

Lina Brown, 12.14.2018

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Musical Play
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The CEBU MARY IMMACULAET COLLEGE INC. inspires all and learners to promote educational excellence and productivity.  It inspires all individuals under the wings of this system to practice and impart quality principles.